Can you describe basic goals of the Stable project?

STABLE plans to deploy a token with substantially lower volatility (about 5-10 times) than the most established tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, NEM, Monero, etc. Such an aim will be achieved mostly by closing prices differences between token markets and geographies via custom made algorithms. You can find additional details in our project’s Whitepaper.

What will be STABLE token’s code name?

STABLE token’s symbol will be: STB.

How do you plan to achieve 5-10 times lower volatility comparing to most established tokens? Could you briefly describe a basic strategy used by the STABLE team?

First thing first – we will NOT be holding tokens in order to wait for them to appreciate in value, so our project’s strategy is NOT a “buy & hold” type. Therefore, the STABLE token volatility will not be similar to the majority of established tokens. As an example - one of the basic strategies is to buy an undervalued ABC token quoted on X exchange and at the same time sell the same but overvalued ABC token quoted on Y exchange. That way the net exposure in the ABC token will be zero (because we bought ABC token and at the same time we sold the same ABC token on another exchange). Thus, ABC token price risk will be nearly zero and volatility of such a trade will be radically lower than volatility of just holding the ABC token. When the prices between exchanges will go back to the fair price, all of the positions will be closed. There are many other strategies which will be implemented and used, but all of them will follow a low volatility approach.

In which country STABLE will be established and how STABLE will be structured?

Immediately following the successful crowdfunding phase, the project team will proceed with the setup of legal entities necessary to carry out operational activities. Jurisdictions of stable democracies with strong rule of law will be preferred. Operational and development offices will be located in Switzerland, Malta and Poland. Most of the programming talent will be based in Poland.

Will STABLE legal entity be audited?

Yes, to provide maximum transparency an auditing company will be hired in order to ensure reliability of project’s financial reports.

What is the expected amount that this ICO is hoping to raise in ETH?

STABLE is offering unlimited number of STB Tokens in the ICO, each valued initially at 1/10 of ETH. Early investors have an opportunity to receive limited 2-6% bonuses. You can find more details in our Whitepaper. The more ETH will be raised through the ICO, the higher the asset base and more possibilities to close ineffectiveness of digital tokens markets.

Is it true that STABLE will distribute 100% of tokens? Do you plan to establish any “core team fund”, “reserve fund”, “development fund”, etc. that will be block some ETH crowdfunded through the ICO?

All of the ETH that will be raised through the ICO will be exchanged for STB and transferred back to the crowdfunders. No single ETH will be blocked or taken into some kind of “reserve fund”. It adds transparency to the project. Donators can feel more secure that founders and developers will not sell their own tokens in the market. All of the ETH will be used as a capital necessary to stabilize digital tokens markets.

How is STABLE different from Tether?

Tether is one of the finest innovations of the crypto-world. However, Tether's value is tied to the value of US dollar one-to-one. Therefore, the value of Tether cannot go up. Also, the funds that back Tether are a passive reserve - they do not serve productive purposes other than to act as a backing/collateral for the token.

The Stable token is different, as its value can go up (but this is in no way guaranteed), if the economic benefits of the project's activites exceed the costs of running the project. Also, the assets behind the project are in a productive use - they will stabilize the digital tokens markets and close price discrepancies across different countries and crypto exchanges.

Could you compare STABLE to ICONOMI?

ICONOMI is a good project with a skilful team. As far as we understand, they are building an investment platform and will also have an open fund / index fund for anyone to invest in. They are selecting tokens based on their analyses, buying and holding them. However, ICONOMI and STABLE are not direct competitors because we offer completely different solution:
  • ICONOMI is a digital assets management platform, providing a simple way to invest in the decentralised economy,
  • Their strategy is to be on the token market all the time (Buy& Hold) and periodically changing/rebalancing tokens in their portfolio,
  • STABLE will not be holding tokens outright or compose any crypto index. We will be focusing exclusively on closing market inefficiencies (different token prices) between exchanges/countries within the same token,
  • STABLE token is designed to be less volatile in value – it may offer less upside potential, but will likely have less downside than ICONOMI.

I don’t know anything about the STABLE team. Where can I find some information?

You can learn more about our executive team here:

What is STABLE project business model? How your team will be rewarded?

Our business is to stabilize the markets and harvest as much inefficiencies of the digital token markets, as possible. For this activity, the STABLE project team will be rewarded by charging a fee of up to 2.5% of the net assets per annum plus up to 20% of the growth in value of the Stable token (a success fee).

Will the STB tokens be listed and quoted on token exchanges?

Right after the successful ICO, Stable project team will start working on STB token exchange listing.