The Need

Cryptocurrencies and digital tokens are risky - their prices and relative values change dramatically and unpredictably. Price instability is preventing a wider adoption of this vital digital innovation, as potential new users are deterred by the volatility. It is difficult to use digital tokens for payments or other business purposes in such circumstances.

The Project

The problem of existing cryptocurrencies price instability is addressed by the STABLE project from several angles. The goals of the project are:

The Team

People behind the project have been involved in cryptocurrencies markets as early as June 2011, as investors in and proponents of this vital technology.
They have background in financial management, algorithmic trading, banking and asset management.

Project Team



Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Initial Coin Offering is an exchange of two types of tokens for the STABLE token (STB). The main type of exchange will be Ethereum (ETH) to STABLE (STB) transfer that will be available to all crowdfunders. The second type of exchange will take place between STABLE Awareness Token (STA) and the STABLE token (STB). STA will be issued to Ethereum miners commencing prior to ICO and concluding on the ICO deadline.

STABLE ICO address: 0x2df0e612dad9ffe8141b3987f60608742db2feca

Please refer to the Term Sheet and Legal Info for timeline and further details.
ICO in progress!